Private practice is an emotional rollercoaster, no matter how

far along you are. 

If you're just getting started, you're over the moon about taking the leap.


There's an energy that pulses through your body in owning a small business.  


It's exciting to to set your own schedule, see the clients you want to see, and spend countless hours on Pinterest designing your dream office (not that I've done this ;-)). 


But it's also understandably overwhelming.  


If you're like me, your mind is flooded with more questions than answers.  


-How do I get my first client? 

-Should I niche or stay a generalist?

-How do I communicate with clients so I'm not breaking any laws? 
-Do I need a website? 

-If I'm private pay, what should I charge? 

A growing practice is exciting. You're doing it!  But it's also easy to wonder if that first client was a fluke or if you're really cut out for this especially because so many of us experience lulls or plateaus that no one really talks about.   


Naturally, more feelings start to come up.  Do any of these sound familiar?


-You're scared where your next client is coming from. 

-You hate networking, marketing, and the thought of "selling" yourself. 

-You're conflicted if a group practice is for you.

-You're overwhelmed with getting insurance and planning for retirement. 

-You feel insecure that you don't have the background to run a business.


As some point, most of us feel called to share our message and diversify income beyond the therapy room. 


Maybe you're ready to bear-hug the the therapist-entrepreneur in you, launch that online course, publish that book, or launch that podcast or YouTube channel.


Or maybe you're like me, and you've some crazy event that's made you cancel a bunch of clients and made you realize that 100% of income coming from "trading time for dollars" is not good for your business or your mental health. 


So I Took

A Different Path.

A very-wise former supervisor used to tell me, "Melvin...if you go into private practice, always have your hand in multiple pots when it comes to income." 


Armed with this insight, I've taken an atypical journey into building my dream career; a combo of an (intentionally) small 1 day online practice combined with a podcast, a successful online course (with 3-5 more on the way!), a membership site, an online directory, and online group coaching. 


A 4 day/week 6-figure business that allows me to honor my creative spark but wake up each day energized because I get to do things that bring me joy, meaning, and purpose while prioritizing self-care.


A business where daily meals with loved ones, leisurely hikes (or intense trail running if I'm in the mood),  strolling through bookstores, and my evolving career as an amateur landscape photographer get as much priority as focusing on my business. 


A business that allows our family to give back to charities and organizations making our world a better place.  


I took this career path because I was a psychologist in a group practice from 2012-2014.


While I loved my clients, I hated that 100% of my income was coming from "trading time to create income." 


Plus, staking my family's financial and my emotional health on things I couldn't control just didn't feel safe. 


What really sprung me into action was a Nor'easter in 2014 that dumped over 30 inches of snow here in Philly and forced me to cancel nearly 2 weeks worth of clients as we were saving up for the downpayment on our first home. 



"Building a career around family vs. fitting family around a career" took on a new meaning when our daughter was born 8 weeks early in 2018.   


Through a NICU stay + early childhood intervention because she was not sitting up at the appropriate time, I truly realized building a business is not just about making a ton of money.


It's about creating one that generates revenue but has the schedule flexibility to create memories with loved ones (I work 4 days because Fridays are Daddy/Daughter days where we grab breakfast at our favorite coffee shop, hike, visit museums, and dance to Cocomelon).

All of us want a successful business (whatever that looks like)

There's an old African proverb that my grandfather used to tell me in our Indian language that translates in English as, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want go far, go together."


As private practitioners, most of us don't have an MBA, a background in business, or even taken business classes. 


So we know that learning from one another and helping one another can help avoid costly financial mistakes + save time.


We genuinely want to see one another succeed.


We want to serve our clients well without self sacrificing.


We see our work as a calling.


We also want to diversify income to buffer against cancellations, no shows, sickness, weather, pandemics, etc.


We want to work out each day, grab coffee, a mid day nap, take a vacation, or an afternoon hike without feeling guilty that "I could have squeezed a client in."


If these resonate for you, I want to invite you to join us in the STC: Learning Library.


The Learning Library is a place for you to join fellow heart-centered, mission-driven therapists in private practice as we grow our impact + income in and beyond the therapy room. 


We meet over the course of the year all completely online so you can tune in from home, your office, or from your favorite coffee shop. 




Practical + Focused :  During each meeting, you'll learn concrete tips and strategies that have worked for me and others.  Each interactive Q/A's focuses on one topic (see below), and spend our time diving really deep.  


Spaced: We don't meet every month. This way, you get time to work + implement what we learn vs. just consuming. 


Budget Friendly: I know how expensive coaching can get.  With the Learning Library, I also wanted to offer something that was high quality but reasonably priced (one 50 minute client session pays for the year). 



Most Therapists Have 4 Challenges

That Get In The Way Of Business Success.

"I'm not sure how to find my ideal clients + scared about having a steady referral network." 


We have as guests solo practitioners  who are generating $100k+ in annual revenue and group practitioners who are generating $150k+ in annual revenue and/or who've created their "ideal practice." Topics cover a nuance of practice building. 

  • EXAMPLES OF TOPICS: How I Built A Successful Private Pay Practice In A City Full Of Therapists,  How I Hired For My Rapidly Growing Group Practice, Transitioning From Therapist To Coach.

  • BENEFIT:  You'll get to learn and get personalized feedback from other clinicians who've built successful practices.  You'll get tips + resources + recommendations.   By learning what's working and not working for them, you'll save time + money. 


I want innovative, legal, and authentic ways to market my practice."

If you're like me, the word "marketing" makes me feel uncomfortable.  At the same time, I see marketing as connection.  Connecting with your ideal clients and those in front of your ideal clients.  These Q/A's with colleagues, coaches, and experts expose you different ways to connect in a meaningful and authentic way.

  • EXAMPLES OF TOPICS: Launching A Virtual Summit, Creating A Conference To Expand A Referral Network, Using Live Streaming To Authentically Connect, Using Pinterest To Attract Clients + Increase Traffic.  

  • BENEFIT:  You'll learn different and unique ways to market your practice that honors your business vision and your natural strengths. You'll get a "behind the scenes" of what goes into it.    You'll get gear + software recommendations that allow you to be budget conscious but also build out.  

"I want to diversify income beyond the therapy room so I'm not trading time for dollars but it feels overwhelming getting started."


We all have a message to share and a people to serve. In these Q/A's, we'll learn different ways to use our skills to create income beyond the therapy room.  

  • EXAMPLES OF TOPICS: Lessons Learned From Launching A $100k Online Course, Creating A Conference To Expand A Referral Network, Lessons Learned From A $50k/year membership site.   

  • BENEFIT:  You'll learn from colleagues who are diversifying income beyond the therapy room.  This will give you tips and strategies to create an additional income stream (or multiple) + buffer against the natural ebbs and flows of private practice.   


"I feel like I don't have a solid business foundation."

The "nuts and bolts" of building a business is something that intimidates many of us (even a personal finance nerd like me =p). In these Q/A's, you'll learn how to get your legal ducks in a row, how to handle legal/ethical things that come up in sessions, and other practical things like planning for retirement or purchasing life insurance. 

  • EXAMPLES OF TOPICS: Handling Subpeonas, Life Insurance: How Much Do You Need, Planning For Retirement When You're Self Employed.  

  • BENEFIT:  You'll learn how to protect yourself and your business from legal challenges. You'll also learn how to legally minimize taxes and plan for the day when you'll be sitting in a beach in Maui =).  

What You Get

  • 6 Yearly Focused Advanced Teaching Workshops

    We'll meet live via Zoom for one hour on the last Wednesday at 12 PM EST | 9 AM PST  in Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Oct. Each topic is based on what our community wants to learn.  Each session includes 30 minutes of in-depth teaching focused on the topics above followed by 30 minutes of personalized group coaching to  answer your questions.  All sessions will be recorded in case + available in our member's portal if you can't make it.   These are facilitated by Melvin and STC Team Member Nicole Denison.   

  • Transcribed Summary Sheet 

    A detailed workbook that includes tools, websites, blog posts that accompanies every Q&A and includes pages where you can jot down notes and takeaways.  Because it takes some time to get things transcribed, these will be available 1-2 weeks after the live Q/A.  

  • Learning Library Member Portal 

    All Live Q/A's will be added to growing video library in your private member site.

  • Special Pricing On Future STC Products

    Opportunities to beta test and early bird access (and pricing) on future STC products.


12-1 PM EST | 9-10 AM PST


  • JULY 28, 2021

    Should I Invest In Crypto Currency? (with David Frank)

    Many of us are wondering whether we should jump into the crypto currency craze as part of our retirement plan. Please join David Frank and I as we discuss this live in this month's gathering.   

  • MAY 27, 2021

    Creating Online Courses In Detail- Live Q & A (Melvin Varghese, PhD & Nicole Denison, VA)

    I know that many of us want to launch an online course whether it's to share our message and knowledge on a larger scale and/or to develop some additional income streams.  I launched my first online course (a course on podcasting) in 2015 with plans to launch several more.  I didn't have the smooth journey that's often shared on social media.  But through a lot of mistakes, learning, and work, the Healthcasters course passed the $100k revenue mark in 2019 and now generates $2500/month in recurring revenue.  I'll be sharing 3 lessons that I wish someone had told me and will use the remaining time to answer your Q/A's.  

The Bigger Purpose Behind The STC Learning Library

As STC continues to grow, I think a lot about how we can use our resources to serve those who do not have the privileges and opportunities that we are afforded as business owners. 


As Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."


Each year, we select a high-rated charitable organization that addresses mental health + donate 10% Learning Library profits to supporting the good work they're doing in the world.


In 2021, we're supporting The Loveland Foundation, which provides high-quality therapy services to communities of color with a particular emphasis on African American  women and girls.  

Simple, affordable, "cost of a single client session" for the year  to support your private practice + business journey.

Pricing Plan

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee if you're not happy. You can cancel anytime within your member portal if you don't want to renew.

Yearly Plan



Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

Mel, I've purchased things that are a really good price and look awesome. But then I end up in a sales funnel. Will you do this?

Mel, what if I'm not happy with my purchase?

Mel, what if I can't attend a session. Will I be able to watch it later?

Mel, what if I can't attend a session but really want to ask a question. Will I be able to do this?

Mel, why is this so cheap? What's the catch?

Mel, why should I pay for something like this vs. just getting free practice building resources through podcasts, blogs, videos, etc. 

Mel, how easy is it to find what I'm looking for within the Library?

Mel, what if I don't want to renew?